The Master Cleanse Review - Pros and Cons of This Rapid Weight Loss Program

Review of: The Master Cleanse

Created by: Stanley Burroughs

Did we buy this product: Yes

Editorial Quality: 3 out of 5

Effectiveness: 3 out of 5

Price: 4.5 out of 5

Easy to follow: 3.5 out of 5

What we do not like - Cons

  • It takes too long to get to the main points  
  • The "Secondary ingredients" listed in the program may be costly for some persons, but this may be optional
  • It's going to be challenging because you may have to go without eating solid or hard foods for 3 to 10 days
  • Some persons gave up after three days and some gave up before three days into the diet. 

Pros - What do we like:

  • The book is very cheap    
  • If you cannot go without solid or hard foods for 3 to 10 days, a list of safe foods is given that you can eat while doing the cleanse. (This can be found on page 38 in the book)     
  • The program is very detailed
  • The ingredients can easily be obtained and we think the "primary ingredients" to do the cleanse are cheap 
  • The "reasons and whys" to healthy habit and healthy living.
  • Some persons have success with this cleanse and have lost tens (10s) of pounds


If you are after rapid weight loss, if you are willing to prepare yourself to make changes to your eating patterns and lifestyle and if you can go at least 3 days without eating a lot of solid foods, then The Master Cleanse may work for you as it has worked for many.

Has anyone ever told you that you are greedy? Do you find yourself eating right around the clock and is unable to control your appetite? Are you of the mindset that your body is not at its ideal weight? Do you suffer from libido problems? Are you ready to do a 3 to 10 days liquid detox cleanse that will naturally shift away from unhealthy habits, burn body fat, cleanse and detox your entire body?

If your answer is yes to any of those questions above, then you may be on the right page. The Master Cleanse program claims to help you deal with all these problems and more.

What is the master cleanse?

In a nutshell, the master cleanse is a detox cleanse program where you eat less solid foods and drink more lemonade liquid for 3 days or 10 days or 3 to 10 days depending on how long you can manage.

It promises to help you lose weight, regain your body ideal weight and give you more control over your appetite and eating patterns.

Who is the creator of this cleanse?

The master cleanse was created by
Stanley Burroughs who was an alternative medicine practitioner, theorist, and writer. 

He became popular through his creation of the master cleanse that celebrities like Beyonce Knowles and Robin Quiver, said they have used to achieve their weight loss goals.

In today's society, the Master Cleanse is seen and is used mostly for weight loss purposes.

But, it is said that Burroughs did not create the master cleanse diet specifically for weight loss purposes. 

He had rather created it to treat ailments such as digestive problems and stomach ulcers, which it has been very effective in doing.

It is noted that the master cleanse created by Stanley Burroughs, is an effective method of cleaning out wastes from the liver, kidneys and the digestive system

What is included in this master cleanse program?

The things included in the master cleanse are:
  • The Master Cleanse Recipe - this recipe is made from 
       2 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice 
       2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup 
       1/10 Teaspoon ground cayenne pepper 
       10 oz of filtered water
  • Detailed instructions and information to answer your why and how questions
  • A list of safe foods to eat if you cannot continue the master cleanse without eating solid or hard foods
  • It has all the necessary information needed to successfully finish the master cleanse
  • The other thing that comes with this package is this, you will need time to carefully go through all the information listed in the book.

Is this a detox cleanse program that anyone can do?

If you are pregnant you should not do this cleanse. No way! But on the other hand, if your true goals are to shed some pounds, cleanse your body and be able to fit into your clothes again, then you can give the master cleanse a try.

Things to consider before you buy the master cleanse program

  • Many persons gave up the first day of doing the cleanse, so keep in mind that you might be one of those persons
  • The first three days of this program has reportedly been said to be the hardest
  • To get the most out of this program, you will need to continue the cleanse for at least 10 days
  • keep in mind that you will be drinking mostly liquid on this master cleanse program

Can the master cleanse solve your problem?

This program is skillfully designed to cleanse your body, flush out toxins, burn fat and help you to lose weight. So if you are dedicated and willing to do this cleanse, it may help you.

The bad and good things other persons are saying about this master cleanse program:

The bad things:
  • In a review done on the website called A lady stated that she went only three days into the master cleanse and quit because she thought it was dangerous.
  • In another review done on a person stated that 
"the Master Cleanse diet is almost the definition of ‘crash dieting".
  • Another review that was done on, quoted Web MD saying that  
“This diet puts you at risk for nutritional deficiencies” and that “It’s an unhealthy way to temporarily lose weight” 

The good things:
  • In a review done on a person stated that 
"I've been interested in trying the master cleanse since my friend did it in 2011. The result? She looked and felt better than ever before. Radiant skin, shimmering hair, high energy, and an empowered attitude about health." 
In the same review, the person goes on to say 
"The greatest benefit of the master cleanse has been the opportunity to calibrate my diet and start fresh. For example, I heard intermittent fasting (IF) eliminates cravings, but in the past I couldn't imagine not eating breakfast. Having gone eight days without any food made it easy to implement IF post-cleanse. The result has been that my cravings are gone. This may not have happened without the cleanse."
  • In another review done on, a person stated that 
"Before the Master Cleanse, hardly a day went by without a glass of wine, a few ounces of Scotch whisky, or more. I had gone cold turkey without pain, without regrets."
          In the same review, the person further stated 
"I am more beautiful. My skin, normally pretty clear, is even clearer. For years I have been bothered by red blotches near my right-hand sideburn. My dermatologist has told me that they’re probably left over from a bout with rosacea I suffered seven years ago. Now they are gone! Will they return?
My sense of smell and taste were heightened. My salt sensitivity has been reset. The current anti-salt hysteria leaves me unmoved and unimpressed. But I have read that if you avoid salt for a period of time, a smaller amount will then have the same effect on your taste buds. And I had taken in absolutely no salt, no sodium, for eight days. This is normally impossible no matter what food you eat or don’t eat."

  • Many other reviews from persons on other websites show that many people who have tried the Master Cleanse program have lost tens (10s) of pounds and more, but some began to regain the weight after a few months. 

Should I buy the master cleanse, you may ask? 

Here is your answer: If you know or think that you can go from 3 to 10 days without eating solid foods, then go right ahead and give the master cleanse a try. Click here to buy it now

If you cannot go without eating solid foods, a list of safe food is given that you can eat while doing the master cleanse to make it way less challenging. It is worth giving it a try, plus it is cheap. Click here to get your copy of the Master Cleanse Program

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