The 72 Hours Juice Cleanse

Trust me... I know for sure that by now a lot of us need to be cleansed. The junk foods stuff up some of us with free radicals and parasite. Our bodies become wearied as a result of the fast unhealthy food that we stuffed down our throats on a daily basis.

We have been so busy that we nearly forget all about our health, but thank God we didn't fully forget. Now we can do the 72 hours juice cleanse that will naturally reset our minds and bodies.

Healthy minds and healthy bodies are what we need to function properly on a daily basis, and to have a more peaceful and happy day.

TOTAL TIME: 15 - 20 Minutes
SERVES:  8 Cups
MEAL-TYPE: Beverage
DIET-TYPE: Vegan, Vegetarian


Please use only organic fruits and vegetables.

Green Juice Ingredients:
5 Green Apples
3 Cucumbers
1 Small piece of ginger
Carrot Juice Ingredients:
10 small cuts of beetroot
1/2 bunch of celery
1 cucumber
3 lemons
16 carrots

Beetroot Juice Ingredients:
9 ripe apples
9 small cuts of beetroot
1 handful of spinach
1 1/2 bunch of celery
7 carrots

1. Use a juicer to juice all the ingredients. If you don't have a juicer, then use a blender to blend all your ingredients.

2. Beginning with the Green Juice, make one recipe each day. For each recipe, make at least 64 ounces of juice and pour juice into a tight container and store it in the cooler.

Drinking Routine:
1. You need to plan a 72 hours stay at home to do this cleanse. It can be done on the weekend if you choose to.

2. Drink 1 cup of juice every hour for 8 hours each day. and drink one cup of water every half hour. If you use a blender you don't necessarily need to drink water every half hour because you have to add water to the blender to blend your ingredients

Make sure you stay away from alcohol and caffeine.

3. Your last meal of the day should not be heavy and if you eat anything apart from the juice, it should be steam vegetables or whole fresh fruits.

4. Stay away from drinking juice in the nights else you might lose your sleep due to frequent urination and defecation.

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  1. Please this seems very iteresting.But can you be more specific on how to take these juices.Is it 1 different juice for each day?

    1. Yes, 1 different juice for each day should be taken.

  2. Do you drink the water along with the juice and then again half an hour later alone ? I am confused about how to take the water while taking the juice.

  3. No, you don't drking the water with the juice. You drink the juice every hour and every half hour between the hour, you drink the water. If you feel hungry, then drink more juice.

  4. Are we to eat regular meals during the day or only a light dinner?

    1. Hi, if you feel like eating, eat steam vegetables. There is a whole lot of different steam vegetable recipes on YouTube.


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