The 14 Day Detox Tea + 8 Fitness Tips for Belly Fat Loss

Not everyone wants to be walking around with a belly that cannot fit properly in a blouse or a shirt. It may be a bit of a distraction for some people. Many persons who are conscious of their looks and shapes may become uncomfortable with a big belly and start searching for methods and ways to eliminate those extra pounds and get rid of the bloated stomach.

The problem is, many of the products that you may have purchased, claiming to help you lose belly fat, sometimes only make your conditions worst and simply just do not worth the cost.

8 Fitness Tips

Note: Some persons are ok with their big belly. I have no problem with anyone choosing to be that way, but personally, whenever I see my belly getting big I start doing what is necessary to get it back down or flat. A big belly is just not my style and I am thinking that it is probably not yours either.

Belly fat is not only just stubborn but it can also appear to be one of the ugliest things one can ever carry around because it messes up one's shape and can even be a risk factor for many other health problems. This thing can even ruin your relationship, so be careful; it might cause you your loved one.

TOTAL TIME: 5 - 6 Minutes
SERVES:  4 Cups
MEAL-TYPE: Beverage
DIET-TYPE: Vegan, Vegetarian

  • 1/2 grapefruit
  • 1/2 thumb ginger
  • 2 tsp maple syrup
  • 3 1/2 cups water

Step 1. Boil three cups of water in a pot or kettle.

Step 2. Wash ginger under running water in a bowl and grate it using a grater or use a food processor to mince it up and place it on a plate along with grapefruit and maple syrup or whatsoever sweetener you choose.

Step 3. Squeeze grapefruit into boiling water and add grated ginger along with maple syrup and stir. Let mixture sit for 3 minutes and then use a strainer to strain it into a bowl.

Step 4. Pour tea into a teacup.

Drinking Routine:
Drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach 30 minutes before you eat breakfast for 14 days.

If you choose to continue drinking this tea after the 14 days, you should discard the ginger and use one grapefruit along with the maple syrup and 3 1/2 cups of water. Because even though ginger and other spices may help give weight loss and a flat stomach, they may also cause damage to the stomach lining and give you a stomach ulcer! 

This tea should be used as prescribed and the use of it should be moderated or discontinued after the prescribed time. You can also choose to consult your doctor before drinking it.

8 Fitness Tips That Should Be Follow to Get Amazing Results:
  1. STOP eating late at night and STOP eating junk foods -  If possible, try to make your last meal be before 6 P.M. Junk foods are unhealthy and are filled with grease and empty calories
  2. STOP eating too much at one meal - Overeating causes overweight and upset stomach
  3. THROW AWAY all Sweets, sugary, and refine products - These may also lead to obesity and diabetes
  4. START EXERCISING at least 30 minutes a day - Nothing beats this and it kills fat fast
  5. EAT more grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Get a vegan meal plan - To lose belly fat, the first step begins with what you place in your mouth and what goes into your stomach
  6. Drink a lot of WATER, not all at once but throughout the day - If you don't drink a lot of water, trust me, you are aging and dying faster than everyone who does. Water flushes wastes from your body and prevents bloat
  7. GET an adequate amount of rest/sleeps at least 8 hours - Your body needs this. I want to stress the word "need" because if you do not get rest, it will be hard for you to lose belly fat and you may also go crazy.
  8. I don't know how you will respond to this one if you are an atheist, but you should start praying to GOD for help health and strength.

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