The New Year 5 Days Flat Belly Detox Water

You must drink one cup of this detox water before you go to bed and one cup first thing when you wake in the morning.

So you have done it again; you have drunk too many sodas, you have eaten a lot of junk food, you have been regularly eating from a large plate, you have been eating late at nights, you haven't been regularly exercising or drinking a lot of water, you have been stressed and tired and finally, your belly has gotten big or bloated.

It does not make you look good or feel good about yourself and I am sure that neither you nor your husband likes it.

So with all that being said, it is now time to get rid of that big, bloated belly and replace it with a flat belly that will make both you and your husband feel good.
We encourage you to use only organic fruits and vegetables.

1/2 cucumber
1 large lemon
1 large thumb ginger
5 cups filtered water

1. Place pot on the fire with filtered water and bring it to a boil. When the water starts boiling, remove pot from heat and place it safely on a table.

2. Wash and mince ginger and place it into the pot containing hot water and let it sit while you prepare the cucumber and lemon.

3. Slice lemon, cucumber and place them into a jar or container. Pour the water and ginger from the pot into the jar or container containing the cucumber and lemon.

4. Place the jar or the container in the cooler and let it sit for the next day.

When the next day comes, in the morning, you should drink one glass of this water. You are expected to repeat this process for 5 days.

To prevent yourself from overworking; triple all the ingredients and make a good amount of detox water, place it into the cooler and drink it both morning and evening; just before you go to bed and the first thing when you wake up before you have your breakfast.

Enjoy :)

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