2 New Year's Drink Recipes That Will Rock Your World

New Year's Eve is a nice time to celebrate the upcoming New Year. However; we all know that the year should start off with something special, a moment to remember. I was wondering what could tap this all off, so I sought for something to capture the moment, but couldn't find anything really, not to worry, I came up with some amazing tastes by putting my thoughts together just to share with you. Let us raise our glasses for life and for …

How to Prevent and Get Rid of Kidney Stones Naturally

You are about to learn what are the kidneys, how do they function, what causes kidney problems, what are kidney stones and how to prevent and get rid of kidney stones.

What are the kidneys?
The kidneys are two organs in the body that shaped like a bean and are located just below the rib cage, one being on each side of the rib and they are about the size of a fist.

How do the kidneys function?
Both the kidneys filter up to about 120 - 150 quarts o…

The New Year 365 Days Ginger Orange Detox Water

The New Year has already begun, so let us begin the body detox, because we really need one. I can just imagine how intoxicated some of us are right now, because of the craves we have for junk foods and unhealthy snacks. 
We have placed a heavy load on our bodies and it is now crying out for a detox, so please, for God's sake, do your body a favor and give it a decent detox.
Get a fast New Year Cleanse with this amazing ginger orange detox w…

Glowing Green Smoothie - The Beauty Detox

This smoothie is called the glowing green smoothie and you can basically drink this smoothie every day because it will help to keep you full, gives you a lot of energy and makes you more beautiful.

It allows your body to glow by rejuvenating the collagen in your skin and helps with healthy hair growth.

The fibre in this smoothie will help you to stay away from those caffeinated beverages and unhealthy snacks. It also has an amazing weight loss …