Potassium Booster Banana Smoothie - Increase Potassium Levels

Bananas are potassium rich foods and if you have low potassium or potassium deficiency, you can eat bananas or make banana smoothies and drink them instead of taking potassium supplements. Drinking this banana smoothie will definitely help to increase potassium levels in your body, so don’t be hesitant to give it a try.

A lack of potassium in your body is in connection with the risk of heart disease, arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure, dige…

Apricot Mango Skin Beautifier Smoothie

A drink of this smoothie on a daily basis will most likely boosts your immune system, speeds up your metabolic rate, enhances your eye sight and beautifies your skin quality.

2 big ripe mangoes, peeled and sliced
2 apricots, peeled and chopped
3 cups of orange juice

Equipments needed:
Blender and a glass container.

Put all ingredients into blender. Blend well until smoothie consistency is reached. Pour smoothie into container …

Apple Blueberry Antioxidants Smoothie Gets Rid of Free Radicals

Studies have shown blueberries to be one the foods with the richest sources of antioxidants out there and if you have eaten apples and blueberries before, you will know that this smoothie will be nice, delicious and healthy for you. The health benefits of blueberries are many and likewise with apples which is very rich in vitamin C.

2 apples, washed and chopped
1 cup of blueberries
1 cup of vegan yogurt

Equipments needed:
Blender and…

Apple Banana Energy Booster Smoothie

This is an energy booster smoothie made form apples, bananas and peanuts. Bananas and apples are energy booster foods and on the other hand, peanuts are rich in protein, so drinking a glass of this smoothie on a daily basis will do wonders for your body.

Whenever i consume banana smoothie, it really makes me feel great and my little brothers always want more of it. I am happy that they love it, because they are getting a lot of super-nutrients …

Skinny Apple Smoothie - Aid Weight Loss

Apples are amazing and eating them will result in amazing health effects in our bodies. Recent studies have shown that dried apples help aid weight loss. Overweight women that ate one cup of dried apples a day for a year lost a great amount of weight and their cholesterol were even lowered. The researchers at the Florida State University believe this is due to the fact that, apples contain a high about of antioxidants and are very high in fiber…

Healthy Buckwheat Vegan Lentil Soup With Greens

This is a healthy buckwheat vegan lentil soup with greens. A soup like this will make anybody's day and furthermore, the ingredients added it makes it a very delicious a tasty soup. This is a soup that definitely worth a go.

Ingredients: Buckwheat red lentils carrots collard greens or kale celery  veggie broth onions garlic

Here we go....

Dice 2 Onions

Add them to a large pot with a little veggie broth

Chop 4 - cloves of garlic

And garli…

Vegan Peppermint Chocolate Smoothie

When i was not a vegan i usually love chocolate, even though i know it was not healthy for me, but this super chocolate smoothie is the chosen one for me. It is very rich in nutrients and it is suitable for anyone to drink. You can make it and drink it anytime; in the summer, winter or autumn.

20 dates
1-2 tbsp carob
1.7 quart of coconut water
2 drops of peppermint stevia

A blender and a juice container

1. Add all …

Weigh Loss Blueberry Orange Smoothie

An animal study done at the “University of Michigan” have shown that blueberries may reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. In this study, it was also shown that blueberries may reduce abdominal fat and therefore help one to lose weight. Orange, on the other hand, is very rich in vitamin C and the more vitamin C one has in his or her diet, the stronger the immune system will be and the more fat will be burned, since vitamin C helps to b…

5 Metabolism Foods That Will Help You Burn Belly Fat And Lose Weight

Here are 5 foods you can eat on a daily basis to help you burn fat, increase your metabolic rate and enhance your health and help you to look fresh and younger.

1. Avocado - contains monounsaturated fat and studies have shown that this type of fat is more likely to be used by our bodies as a slow burning energy source than saturated fat.

2. Banana - is a fruit that is rich in B complex vitamins and these vitamins work together to turn food into e…

Green Juice Skin Care Acne Remover

We’re all familiar with the age old ‘myth’ of fruit and vegetables being good for your skin, and yes, perhaps it was just a ploy by your mother to get you to eat your greens. However, new research conducted at St Andrews University highlighted how fruit and vegetables can indeed have a fantastic effect on your complexion.

Consuming fruit and vegetables in their purest form and knocking back a hit of antioxidants in a juice diet plan and powerfu…