Potassium Booster Banana Smoothie - Increase Potassium Levels

Bananas are potassium rich foods and if you have low potassium or potassium deficiency, you can eat bananas or make banana smoothies and drink them instead of taking potassium supplements. Drinking this banana smoothie will definitely help to increase potassium levels in your body, so don’t be hesitant to give it a try.

A lack of potassium in your body is in connection with the risk of heart disease, arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure, dige…

5 Metabolism Foods That Will Help You Burn Belly Fat And Lose Weight

Here are 5 foods you can eat on a daily basis to help you burn fat, increase your metabolic rate and enhance your health and help you to look fresh and younger.

1. Avocado - contains monounsaturated fat and studies have shown that this type of fat is more likely to be used by our bodies as a slow burning energy source than saturated fat.

2. Banana - is a fruit that is rich in B complex vitamins and these vitamins work together to turn food into e…