How to Drink Water to Lose Weight Fast

You are about to learn why water is the first and most important step in your successful weight loss journey.

We all know that being fat can be a huge problem in all parts of our lives and trust me, it can be annoying too, but did you know that your body is made up of about 70% water? Said What? Yes, it’s true and it has been proven scientifically. When I was doing biology in high school, I learned it too.

That is a great thing to know, right? Yes! it is, but did you know that you lose water when you talk, cry, urinate, defecate and sweat? Haha... O yes, that’s true, but I never thought about it. Now that you know these things, ask yourself this question: “What will happen if I don’t replace all that water I have lost?” answer: “I will be dehydrated, constipated and full of wrinkles.”

According to nutritionists and studies, the first thing water does for you is that it increases your metabolism rate to help your body burn calories faster and we all know that most, if not all people, want to burn calories. The second thing it does is decreases acidic level in your body. Our bodies become so acidic at times because of the unhealthy food we eat daily and other pollutants in the environment that we cannot control.

You and I need to make sure that we drink a lot of water throughout the day to make sure we hydrate our bodies and flush out those toxins. Too often many of us have been walking around being dehydrated and don’t even realize it and as a result of this, sometimes we crave sweets, gets headache and become fatigued. These are signs and symptoms to show that you and I are not drinking enough water throughout the day. It is recommended that you drink half (½) your body weight of water in ounces every day and if you do excessive workout, you should drink more. See example below:

So if you weigh 200 pounds, you need to divide the 200 by 2, so 200/2 = 100. You need to drink 100 ounces of water if you weigh 200 pounds.

This might sound difficult but it’s easy as 123. Here’s how it can be done. Buy a water bottle fill it up with water, carry it everywhere you go and flavour your water with lime, lemon, and cucumber. To learn how to make a detox water click here. I hope this helps you. Enjoy.

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  1. Carrying around a water bottle is a great idea, and you'll be surprised by how much you drink when it's always within arm's reach. However, drinking water in isolation won't get you very far at all. You must pair it with an actual weight loss plan that includes a *sensible* diet and exercise, among other things, if you want lasting results. In fact, check out the following article that does a wonderful job of explaining the key factors in an effective, long-term weight loss strategy:

  2. We all have food and wanna diet balanced. But none of us don't follow the proper way and don't event know about the ways to eat and drink food. I'm happy that you let people know a  healthy way lose weight

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  6. You should drink 2 glasses of water after awakening. It's the rule. You will be healthy if you will follow it. It's not the only thing that you should do for weight loss, here is full list


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