Natural Detox Water Recipe For Cleansing

Doing a detox is the best thing one can ever do for his or her body. In fact, it is recommended that one should detox 2 to 4 times yearly.

This is very important for your body to be at its optimum health level because you are constantly taking in harmful substances in your body that make you sick, weak and cause you to malfunction. A detox is something very good after all.

Why will this detox water work?
It contains cucumber, which helps with water retention and bloat in the gut. It also has lime and lemon and these fruits are known as fat burner foods, germs killer, and gut cleanser.

These foods are rich in vitamin c, minerals, phytonutrients and phytochemicals that will help your immune system to fight and get rid of harmful substances and dirty unwanted things that got stuck in your body over a long period of time.

With these substances in your gut, you can surely be happy, because your body need these nutrients to survive and keep you healthy, young and fresh.

Recipes For Detox Water:
1/2 lemon
1 medium size lime
1/2 of a small cucumber
24 oz of spring or distilled water

Method To Make Detox Water:
Cut lemon, lime, and cucumber in small slices and place them in the water and leave them overnight. Drink it first thing in the morning. If you want to drink it immediately, squeeze the lime and lemon in the water and drink it.

If you don't want to leave it overnight, you can leave it to rest for 2 hours and drink it after the 2 hours have passed. Enjoy.

Drinking Routine
Replace fruits in water every three days and drink it every day of your life.

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