Detox Diet Drink Recipe for Getting Rid of Belly Fat

If you are looking for a way to burn belly fat and get a flat stomach. Then, this recipe is for you. This is a detox recipe that will help your body flush out wasteful substances and will help to give your body a refreshing, renewing experience.

Will this really help to burn fat?
This recipe contains kale and according to various studies, kale is very rich in fibers that help to speed up the digestive process.

Kale is also said to be rich in several other important vitamins and minerals that the body need so it will give nutrients to the body as it is helping the body to burn fat and be cleansed of toxins. It also contains lemon which is known best for burning fat and detoxing the body.

1 big bundle of kale
l large ginger
1/2 lemon

A Juicer
A container to pour juice in when finished.

Add ingredients to juicer one after the other and juice until finished. Make sure to add the kale to the juicer first and then add the rest of the ingredients afterward.

Pour into container and drink. Enjoy

Drinking Routine
Drink this juice three times per day for 7 days; in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening and drink a lot of water throughout every day.

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  1. Hello, I am new to juicing and eating clean. I came across this and it sounds easy enough to do. I was curious what this tasted like as I am more partial to sweet or fruit juices? I am not a big fan of kale but would love to find a way to give it a try :) also I was wondering if you could do this in a blender and strain it? Thanks for taking the time I really appreciate it! Can't wait to give this a try!!

  2. Hi I have Kale & Banana blendered with a class of water every morning. I am now add a couple of teaspoons of linseed and chia seeds for added punch. I find that it better not to add chia seeds until just prior to drinking as it thickens very fast. I find that the banana and a 1/2 tsp of cinnamon disguises the flavour of the Kale. I blend it all in a Ninja so no need for straining. hope this helps.


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