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In our diets, meals or eating habits, there are certain DON’TS that we need to DROP and there are certain DO’S that we need to ADAPT. You see, you cannot lose weight if you have bad eating habits. You can never be healthy and you will soon become frustrated and give up, but thanks be to God that there can be a change and that change depends on the choice you make. Below we have a list of DO’S and DON’TS for you, so please read and make the necessary changes that should be made and do share this article with others, so they can make the necessary changes too. :)
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1. Eat two or three meals each day. – Our stomachs need some time to rest, at least 5 hours.  If we eat too often, it will never get rest and this may lead to stomach problems and even cancer. Remember that some foods take at-least 4 hours to be digested, so if you eat again and again, you might just get acid reflux, because you are constantly disrupting the digestion of previous foods you have eaten. Many people suffer from stomach problems and try to fix it by doing a lot of things and even take pills or herbs, but the fix is right in their hands, teeth, plates, forks, knives and foods... Let us not use our teeth to dig our graves.

2. Eat breakfast every morning. – Our bodies have been fasting for the whole night (abstaining from foods) and have used up many of its nutrients in the repairing process that takes place in the nigh, so we need to break-the-fast by eating breakfast (morning meals).

3. Make breakfast your heaviest meal for the day and your dinner the lightest meal for the day. – Our bodies used up most of the nutrients it has during the night, so don't give it a small portion of foods... No wonder some people's blood count drop and head becomes giddy. Our bodies need the most food in the morning to carry us to our next meal.

4. Eat fruits, grains and nuts in the morning for your breakfast and vegetables, gains and nuts in the evening for dinner. – It has been proven that certain fruits and vegetables don’t work well in the stomach, because different enzymes work on vegetables and different enzymes work on fruits, so if both ingested at the same time, they will cause serious problems in the stomach.

5. Eat your last meal before it reaches 6.O.Clock. – It has been scientifically proven that, once the sun goes down, our metabolic rate slows down and a sleeping hormone is produced called melatonin. This hormone is basically telling us that it is time for us to stop doing everything and get to bed, so that the body can do its job.

6. Eat slowly and chew your food properly. – Our stomachs don’t have any teeth down there, so if the foods haven’t been chewed properly in our mouths, then it will not be chewed in the stomach and this will result in a lot of waste in the body and cause the body to lack nutrients. Moreover; the digestion of certain foods such as starch begins in the mouth, so you most definitely want to chew your food properly.

7. Drink a lot of water between meals. – Enzymes don’t work well in watery area, so eating and drinking will cause serious problems in the stomach and will also prevent the food from being digested.

Don't over eat or eat too much at one meal. – Eating too much at one meal can cause ulcer and other health issues. Some people just eat their way to obesity and then try to seek ways to lose weight. This is not funny at all; how can you lose weight if every time you lose 3 pounds, you eat on 6 pounds? This is something to think about.

Don't eat too much of the refined products, including white rice and flour. – Trust me, if you are trying to lose weight and be healthy, you better avoid these things, because they themselves are danger; they are known as empty calories. Hey guess what? White flour is a perfect glue, so the next time you need some glue, just mix some white flour and give it a paste and you are done. No wonder some people put on quarter ton of weight eating these things that have no fibres in them.

Don't eat certain fruits and vegetables at the same meal. - This has been explained already; fruits and vegetables don’t agree in the stomach.

Don't eat and drink at the same time. – This has also been explained already too. Water and enzymes just don’t work together.

Don't eat too late in the evening. Avoid this if possible. - This too has already been explained. Metabolic rate slows down as the sun goes down. Warning: avoid late eating if you want to lose weight and be healthy.

Don't eat too much spicy foods. – Spice irritates the stomach’s lining and can result in serious ulcers and bad breath and even cancer.

Don't drink anything that has been fermented. – All fermented substances are alcohol (liquor) and they are not healthy for you. Fermentation is one of the main causes of acid reflux and severe stomach problems.

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  1. Kombucha and nut mylk yogourt are fermented and very healthy.

    1. I would like to inform you that all fermented foods are bad for you health. Read this article about fermented food here:

  2. I've found your written ways very effective. And I lose 20 pounds!! Can you tell me some other healthy way lose weight that i can lose it a bit faster.


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