5 Foods You Should Eat Daily - The Healthy Way To Eat For The New Year

We are what we eat, so whatsoever we put in our bellies is what we get on the outside appearance and therefore; if we eat healthy, we will be healthy and if we eat in an unhealthy or unhealthful way, we will be unhealthy. Unhealthy or unhealthful foods and eating cause people to be overweight, become diabetic, and get hypertension and high cholesterol. Eat foods that will make you lose weight and maintain a healthy life. Eat to live and don't live to eat.

1. Flax seed - Flax seed contains healthy fibres and it is said that flax seeds can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Also, it is very high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; these are often referred to as good fat. It has been shown that these fatty acids are good for heart health and mood.

What amount to eat? Eat two (2) table spoons of ground flax seeds every day if you can.

2. Beans - Beans are very good source of iron which helps the red blood cells to effectively carry oxygen around the body. Due to the low glycaemic index of beans, it is suitable for diabetic.

What amount to eat? Make rice and peas together. Cook the beans first and then add more water to the pot and let both beans and brown rice cook together. If it is you alone, get 3 cups of beans and make stew beans with other vegetables of your choice.

3. Blueberries - Blueberries are very low in fat. One cup of blueberries is said to contain 80 calories and no fat. It is very rich in antioxidants and can therefore help the body fight against harmful substances. It is also high in fibres; fibres help the body regulate sugar levels, aid digestion, and bowel movements and prevent constipation.

What amount to eat? A handful of blueberries will do a good job for you. It will even help satisfy the daily recommended fibre intake.

4. Broccoli - Broccoli is very high in potassium, which helps to maintain the health of the nervous system and optimal brain function, as well as encouraging regular muscle growth. Broccoli also contains high amount of magnesium and calcium that help regulate blood pressure. Hence; stroke and heart attack is prevented.

What about to eat? Make some broccoli soup and drink it down. Here is the broccoli recipe:

1 clove of chopped garlic
2 tea spoon Olive oil
2 chopped onions
1 whole broccoli flower

1. Cut broccoli into small pieces. Put a frying pot on the fire and add two tea spoon of olive oil into the pot.
2. When the oil is hot, add chopped garlic and onion and stir for about 1 minute.
3. Add broccoli to the pot and stir the broccoli, garlic and the onion together for about 2 minutes.
4 Add water to your desire, add a pinch of salt and cover the pot for about 10 -15 minutes. Check regularly to ensure that it has been cooked properly.
5. Just before you remove if form the fire; add some dry mint to it.
6. Remove it from pot, let it cool for a few minutes and then blend it in a blender. Pour into a bowl and drink.

5. Spinach - Spinach has been around for a good while and it has been ignored due to its taste, but many people are quickly adding it to their diet once again today due to its surprising health benefits. Spinach is high in vitamin and minerals, including vitamins K and A, manganese and folate. It provides anti-cancer health benefits through phytonutrients that have anti-inflammatory properties. The vitamin K in spinach helps with proper development of bone.

What about to eat? Well, eat at least five raw spinach leaves and you can even cook them.

Your health is your wealth, so don't leave it out, else you will be broke and broken.

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