The 3 Day Juice Detox Cleanse For Weight Loss

This 3-day juice cleanse will give you a nice purge; it will clean up the intestines, burn some fat, kill parasites, boost your energy level, fight cancer, fight ulcer, flush the body of free radicals, prevent high cholesterol and give a healthy, cool and good looking skin.

It is very important to cleanse our bodies, but not everyone has the time to do just that and that is just one of the reasons we have chosen to limit this cleanse to only just 3 days.

This is a cleanse that can be done over the weekend; from Friday to Sunday and great results can be achieved if it is done rightly.

This cleanse is for every 2nd quarter or every 6 months so you can choose to do this cleanse every half a year if you choose to do so.

TOTAL TIME: 15 Minutes
SERVES:  3 - 4 Cups
MEAL-TYPE: Beverage
DIET-TYPE: Vegan, Vegetarian


Carrot Juice:
1/3 slice of a pumpkin
2 small Apples
10 carrots (add carrots until it reaches 24-32 oz. For the 16-24 oz, add fewer carrots)

Tomato Juice:
5 pounds of tomatoes
10 strawberries (add to your desire)

Cucumber juice:
3 - 4 green apples
5 cucumbers (add cucumbers until it reaches 16 oz.)

  1. Use a juicer or a blender to make your juices and make one set of these juices each day, beginning with the carrot juice set and ending with the carrot, cucumber, and tomato juice set. For each juice, make at least 16-24 ounces of juice and store it in a tight container.
  2. Store your juices in the cooler and not in the freezer.
You are now ready to drink.

Drinking Routine:
1. Drink 1 cup of juice every hour for 8 hours each day for the 3 days.

2. Dilute the juice if it is too sweet or drink one cup of water every half hour after you have consumed 1 cup of the juice.

3. Make sure you stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and fermented drinks.

4. Your last meal of the day should be very light, and it should not contain a lot of greases, because as the sun goes down, your metabolic systems tend to slow down. This means that if we eat too much, our bodies will not be able to burn excess fat and that fat will be stored.

Why do you need a cleanse, you may ask?
One of the main reasons amongst other important reasons for you to get a cleanse it that, your body has accumulated a lot of waste and parasites over a period of time.

What cause toxins and parasites to be built up in your body?
It can be as a result of you eating too much junk foods, too many sweets, eating right around the clock, not exercising, not drinking enough water and not getting sufficient amount of sleep during the nights. These are some of the main reasons why toxins and parasites may find lodgment and overgrowth in your body.

What to do after you have finished this cleanse?
We encourage you to start exercising and start eating healthy. You can buy healthy plant-based recipe books. These books will help you to prepare and cook healthy and delicious meals that you will be able to enjoy.

Juicing is something that all of us need to do about every 4 or 6 months. Juicing, when properly done, can help you to look healthier, fresher and younger. Never be afraid to juice your way out of death.

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